From our Kitchen

  • 1 Pot Vegan Lactation Lentils with Milk Shakers

    Enjoy this hearty vegan meal that is quick and easy to make. Of course, with just a shake of Milk Shakers, you can make them lactation lentils!
  • Pumpkin Recipe Round-Up For Nursing Moms

    Pumpkin Spice - it's not just for lattes! Our Pumpkin Recipe Roundup features our favorite fall recipes, with a Milk Shakers twist.
  • Milk Shakers Blender Waffles or Pancakes

    Blender Waffles with a Milk Shakers twist are the quickest way to a healthy breakfast for the whole family.
  • Milk Shakers Sweet Blend Coffee or Hot Chocolate

    It doesn't get any easier to get your lactation boost than by mixing in some Milk Shakers. Stir in to your coffee (or hot chocolate!) and start your day off with a little shake.