Our Story

Milk Shakers was created by a nesting mom on a mission to make life just a little bit easier.

While nursing her third child, Co-Founder Laura Malcolm found herself pouring over recipes that would boost her irregular milk supply. Because her toddler loved joining her in the kitchen, she preferred baking her own treats and began adding a mix of brewers yeast, flax meal and chia seeds to both baked goods and her every day meals. This meant sourcing multiple ingredients, ordering on Amazon or driving to Whole Foods, and knew there had to be an easier way. With that, Milk Shakers was born!

She enlisted Co-Founder Christina Brennan to help tell the Milk Shakers story, and they worked to locally source the perfect blend of ingredients to make it easier for anyone to make lactation treats at home.

All of our blends are made, packed and sealed by a commercial spice distributor in Renton, Washington.